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Olivier Salad aka Russian Salad Recipe – Салат Оливье

DSC_0706Olivier is one of the most popular salads in Russia. It is made with diced potatoes, carrots, eggs, dill pickles and dressed with mayonnaise sauce. Variations of the salad differ from the choice of meat. It could be poultry, beef, ham or sausages. This salad is a must on the dinner table for Christmas, as well as other festive occasions. My version of Oliver salad has Canadian bacon.

Serves 6-8
3 medium Russet potatoes
1 1/2 cups Canadian bacon, diced
3 medium carrots
5 eggs
3-4 dill pickles
1 can (15oz) sweet green peas
3 Tbsp. sour cream
4 Tbsp. mayonnaise
Salt and pepper to taste
***Variations: you can substitute Canadian bacon with: ham, cooked chicken breast meat, smoked chicken or bologna.
Place carrots and potatoes skin on into pot cover with water, add some salt and cook on medium- low heat until done but still firm enough to be diced (fork tender).
Hard boil eggs.
Let the eggs and the vegetables cool completely.
***The trick is to cut everything in a uniform way – small/medium dice.
Peel carrots, eggs and potatoes; dice and place into a large bowl. 


Chop Canadian bacon and the pickles and add them to a bowl as well. 


Drain peas and add into the bowl.


Add mayo and sour cream and stir gently until everything is completely incorporated. Season with salt and ground black pepper to your taste. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours, best if overnight. 


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{ 7 comments… add one }
  • Irina 03/17/2013, 7:29 PM

    My absolute favorite food in the whole world… 🙂
    Love your blog so much!
    A great week to you,
    – Irina

  • nadia 03/18/2013, 9:24 AM

    Probably the most popular salad in russian cuisine.I like how you are using canadian bacon. Where do you buy not sliced?

    • Inessa 03/18/2013, 1:20 PM

      Nadia, I got it from Russian store.
      Thanks 😉

  • lana 06/07/2013, 4:43 PM

    it is not original recipe …sound fine but never use pork for olivie no carrot too ask me i know this recipe from my grandmothers passed to me ..my grand father father was work for Russian king Nikolay and my family keep that recipe and something very special

    • Inessa 06/14/2013, 9:29 AM

      Hi Lana, there are so many different versions of Oliver Salad and all of them are so good 🙂

  • Enessa 12/22/2015, 11:33 AM

    I believe each culture customized their own olivie salad. I haven’t tried the original one. I googled it, it is indeed different. Very interesting. I love how we all make it slightly different and they do indeed taste good in their own way. I would like to try the original one.

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