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Uha-Russian Fish Soup


This a Russian favorite. Ukha, sometimes also spelled as Uha, is a Russian fish soup which is mostly just fish broth.
You can use pretty much any kind fresh fish. I prefer to make it with Atlantic salmon.


1 Small whole (1.5-pound) red snapper, cleaned, scaled,
1lb.  Salmon fillet
1 medium onion, peeled cut in half
2 carrots, peeled
6-8  black pepper grains
3 bay leaves
1 large tomato peeled and sliced in 1 inch squares
4 medium-sized yellow potatoes, peeled cubed in 1 inch squares
2 quarts vegetable or chicken stock
Salt to taste (approx. 2/3 tsp.)
Minced fresh dill and parsley leaves, lemon for serving

Sauce (optional)
1cup broth from soup
1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
2-3 garlic cloves –minced
1 jalapeno- chopped

Serves 6


Cut it into 4-5 pieces (leave the skin) red snapper.
Cut salmon fillet into 6-8 pieces. Set aside.
Wash, peel and cut in half carrots and onion.
Put 2 quarts vegetable or chicken stock into a large soup pot and bring to a boil. Add the carrots, onion, tomatoes, salt, bay leaves and black pepper, bring to boil, lower heat, and cook uncovered for 15 minutes.
Remove cooked vegetable from the broth and strain it.
Add potatoes. Simmer for 7 minutes.
Add fish and bring it to boil, simmer for 10-12 minutes.

***We like our soup little spicier, so I make this sauce: in a separate bowl you can mix 1 cup of broth from the soup, chopped jalapeno, minced garlic and1 Tbsp. lemon juice. 

Serve hot with fresh herbs and add spicy sauce to your bowl.


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{ 13 comments… add one }
  • Curry and Comfort 10/13/2011, 2:58 PM

    Wow, what a healthy soup!! It looks so delicious. I love salmon.

  • healthyfoodietravels 10/13/2011, 8:12 PM

    Oooh, that looks delicious and incredibly good for you! I’ll be sure to try the recipe! 🙂

  • Inessa 10/13/2011, 8:47 PM

    Thank you. It is very healthy.

  • nadia 10/13/2011, 8:57 PM

    I love Uha with salmon too.But never tried it with the sauce or chicken stock, that’s way more flavor, I love it! thanks for sharing.

  • Ann 10/14/2011, 2:29 AM

    Stunning! I’m allergic to seafood, so I can’t indulge, but I love and appreciate it…..this soup is SO beautifully clear and I beet it’s amazing!

  • Christine's Pantry 10/14/2011, 4:25 AM

    Looks wonderful. I bet this soup taste great. Yum!

  • Inessa 10/14/2011, 7:44 AM

    Thank you.
    Nadia-sauce with garlic and jalapeno adds a nice touch to it. Try, you will like it.
    Ann and Christine yes, it tastes really good plus its light and healthy.

  • Whisks & Chopsticks 10/17/2011, 5:03 AM

    oh fish soup! Looks healthy and yummy. I am trying to add more fish to our menu. Will have to try this soon.

  • tanja 10/20/2011, 2:34 PM

    What a fantastic looking fish soup! I love salmon, but have never had any in soup before. I am sure it tastes amazing!

    Have a great day!

  • Tina (PinayInTexas) 10/26/2011, 2:53 PM

    Fish soup is a Filipino thing and I love it! Your version looks so good!

  • Medifast Coupons 10/26/2011, 6:38 PM

    Nice soup idea, warm us up in this cold weather, thanks for sharing.

  • Angie's Recipes 10/27/2011, 4:53 PM

    So fresh and delicious!

  • Shannon J 05/27/2017, 9:01 PM

    Where does the tomato fit in the recipe? I see it in the ingredients list but not in the directions. The soup does not appear to have tomatoes in it from the picture. Was the tomato listed in error? If not, where does it go? I homeschool my daughter, and we would like to make this soup when we learn about Russia. Thank you!

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