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Welcome to GrabandgoRecipes.com

My name is Inessa and I am here to awaken your inner cook through collection of my home inspired cooking. My blog GrabandgoRecipes explores the history of Russian cuisine as well as my creative adventures in the kitchen.

I absolutely love cooking, eating, and am always looking out for new and interesting experiences involving food. I am lover of books, art, music, photography, and all creative things.

I am Passionate about Jesus.

As the oldest of eight siblings, living in former Soviet Union, I started cooking meals for my family at the age of 9, not because I had to, but because I desired it.

My mother was brilliant with presentation of food as well as cooking. I remember those times when I was a child cooking with my mother, side by side, and having dinner with the whole family every night of the week.  My family entertained guests frequently so I learned to imaginatively arrange food, and decorate our home for the gatherings we hosted. Through the years I have grown to enjoy cooking.

“Sharing a meal with people you love is timeless and one of life’s most fulfilling pleasures.”- Art S.

On life’s journey we meet many people, and many of them we never see again. Some, however, leap directly into our hearts and never leave. I am very lucky to be a wife of an amazing husband, a mother to three precious children and work full time as an Accountant.



Everything in my world spins around my family and I wouldn’t image having it any other way.  In our ever-changing world, family is one thing that holds constant.

My husband and I are both from BIG, loud, happy families, and we love that.

As we grow older, settle down, and form relationships, the razzle-dazzle of our passion feels empty without having our loved ones with us to appreciate it. Success and career are wonderful but sharing a meal with people you love is priceless.

Life moves fast- too fast now and then- so don’t forget to take the time to cook meal for yourself and invite those you love to the table. And it’s even better if you call those people “Family”….Enjoy every piece of it!!!

I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to your comments and/or suggestions. Please visit the Recipe Index to browse around everything that’s here so far, or subscribe to the RSS Feed for updates!

To conclude, and most importantly I hope to influence you to make delicious meals at home.

Well…At this point, I think you know about me and what I do. Now I invite you to tell me more about YOU. I already know you are a very unique person with a great taste! So, I ask you to take the conversation even further and discuss your ideas together with me. What is your story?