Mushroom Meadow Salad – “Грибная поляна”

Tired of traditional salads? This recipe will put whole new spin on your salad theme. It’s perfect for potlucks and holidays. The salad is made with 7-8 layers, usually with chicken, pickled cucumbers, chopped boiled eggs, carrots and potato, grated cheese; topped with marinated mushroom and fresh herbs.

“If you are not big fan of mushrooms you can use canned corn for the first layer.”

2 cups grilled or rotisserie chicken, shredded
2 cups marinated white button mushrooms-drained,
2 medium carrots- boiled and peeled
2 eggs-hardboiled and peeled
2 medium russet potatoes, boiled and peeled
2 large dill pickles (pickled dill cucumbers)- chopped
1 cup cheese (I used Colby), shredded
1 bunch fresh herbs, chopped (Italian parsley or dill)
3/4 cup mayonnaise
3/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup ketchup
Salt and pepper
Mix all the dressing ingredients together and place the dressing into sandwich size zipper bag. Make a small cut in one corner of the bag. Set aside.
Assembling the salad:
The idea is to assemble the salad in layers, alternating them with the dressing. Pack the ingredients tightly, especially near the edges, since the salad would need to keep its shape when taken out of the pan.

In a 8” casserole mold or regular 8” springform layer marinated mushroom- caps down, add chopped herbs (Italian parsley or dill),

add potato grated from large holes, grate directly into the springform, spread evenly
drizzle with dressing,

add shredded chicken, spread evenly and gently press down with the spoon,
drizzle with dressing,
add chopped pickles, spread evenly and gently press down with the spoon ,
drizzle with dressing,
add chopped eggs, spread evenly and gently press down with the spoon ,
drizzle with dressing,
add grated carrots, spread evenly and gently press down with the spoon ,
drizzle with dressing,
add with grated cheese spread evenly and gently press down with the spoon ,
drizzle with dressing.

Place a large serving plate over the bowl and invert salad. You have mushrooms as the top layer now.

You can decorate the sides as desired.

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8 comments on “Mushroom Meadow Salad – “Грибная поляна”

  1. Lena K on said:

    Inessa, I love coming to your blog. The salad looks great, you are so creative 😉

  2. T T on said:

    Inna, thank you for the recipe. But where do u get the mushrooms from?

  3. svetlana k on said:

    this is definitely a great presentation for a salad that could have been mixed; I will try to make it for a holiday that is coming up!

  4. This is an awesome salad for upcoming holidays.

  5. Chowstalker on said:

    Very creative and absolutely wonderful presentation for the holidays! Thanks for sharing with us. :-)
    I’m pretty sure that you meant 1/4 “cup” ketchup, but the word cup is missing.

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