Cilantro Lemon Rice Recipe


This is a great side dish for seafood and chicken dishes. Steamed rice with lemon juice and cilantro, it’s so refreshing and very simple to make! A rice cooker would be useful for this but you can always use a large sauce pan and cook the rice on the stove top. For this dish, I think basmati is the best rice to use for; it doesn’t get sticky. But if you don’t have basmati, jasmine or any long grain rice is fine too.  Continue reading →

Potatoes with Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions


 Boiled Potatoes with Sautéed Onions is one of my favorite meals from my childhood. My mom made this dish very often. All you do is boil potatoes, sauté onions and serve with fresh dill. I love mushrooms so I modified my mom’s original recipe and added sautéed mushrooms. It tasted even better.  Sorry mom. :)

This dish could be served as a delicious side dish to hearty stews or by itself just like my mom did.
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Brown Rice Medley with Creamy Mushroom Sauce


My friend Marina shared this fabulous dish with me. It has a mixture of brown and wild rice, barley, red barley and topped with a creamy chicken mushroom sauce. She served it at a church luncheon; and I am a white rice eater, not really into brown and wild rice much but let me tell you- I LOVED it. It’s so easy to make and it’s also healthy and delicious. Rice can be cooked ahead of time to speed up the process. You can find Brown Rice Medley at Winco, in the bulk food section or Costco and Trader Joe’s.  I hope you give this fantastic dish a try! I guarantee you’ll love it.  ;-)

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Smashed & Roasted Potatoes Recipe

These smashed potatoes are by far one of the easiest potato recipes to make, and they are also now my family’s favorite. This recipe inspired by mom’s dish. They are similar to potato skins - but much less work. You start by boiling them in the water, which softens them up nicely. Smash slightly and top them with some olive oil, parmesan cheese and fresh herbs, then they get in the oven to get golden brown and crispy. Super easy to make and tasty! 

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Mediterranean Breakfast Pizza


Your family will love this yummy breakfast pizza. My sister came over Friday night, and as usual I wanted to make her an awesome Saturday morning breakfast, that she loves. This is what she had to say about the breakfast pizza.

“It’s Saturday morning. I open my eyes up to the amazing aroma of fresh baking dough topped with tomatoes, green onions, olives, eggs and ham. The authentic smell was calling me downstairs. Coming down I see this fresh baked breakfast pizza waiting for me. It’s a one of a kind breakfast. Something that gets your day started right and makes sure you’re ready to face all battles! This pizza is Continue reading →

Quick & Easy Pizza Dough Recipe

basic pizza dough main

Pizza is one of my kids favorite foods and brings back so many wonderful memories. Here is my simple, quick and painless recipe that makes a great crust.

The main characteristic of Pizza is the crust. This crust can be thin, thick, crisp, or tender, smooth or with bulges.

It will be best when you allow the dough to rest overnight before you roll it out. Continue reading →

Potato Cake Recipe with Mushroom Sauce- Картофельные котлеты с грибной подливой


Potato cakes make a great hearty and delicious meatless main course, side dish or appetizer; usually made from leftover mashed potato that is fried in a hot skillet until browned and crispy.

The sauce is a killer…..( I am a mushroom lover, as you can tell….), you defiantly need to make it with the cakes! 

The potato cakes start off as just sending a picture to my sister. Of course, whatever you make you have to share. We were going to the gym that night and she insisted on me bring her just one to “try”. I being the loving sister said- sure why not?

Here we are in front of the gym parking lot about to walk in to get our exercise going; she opens the container with the potato cake!

A couple delicious, hearty bites…once her lips are licked clean and the cake is gone… and then we were ready for a great workout! Anywhere these potato cakes go, I guarantee you there will not be any leftovers. Continue reading →

Layered Mushroom Potato Casserole

This is a time saving, economical, savory dish to prepare during a busy week.  It is perfect for those days that you don’t have time to go grocery shopping but instead use what you have on hand in your pantry.  In this dish there are layers of sautéed mushrooms, potatoes, sour cream and cheese baked to perfect in a casserole dish. Continue reading →

Shrimp Chow Mein with Vegetables

Chow Mein is a traditional Chinese dish that consists of noodles stir-fried with meat & vegetables.  Various different combinations of vegetables, meat, and sauces can be added to your Chow Mein. Feel free to substitute Italian fettuccine or linguini if Chinese egg noodles aren’t available. I always have fun of making Chow Mein noodles at home and my family loves it! Continue reading →