Medovik – Honey cake III- Медовик with Cream Filling

Honey cake recipe

Medovik or Honey cake with Cream Filling is so moist, soft and delicious.  Each honey cake layer is soaked with a creamy, delightful frosting.  There are many variations of this famous Russian cake. I have previously posted “Rijik Cake” with sour cream filling. Yum!!! My Honey Cake II with Dulche de Leche filling is absolutely irresistible; and my Autumn Spice Honey Cake is big hit during the holidays..  Hope you enjoy my new version of Honey Cake III with cream frosting!!

Honey medovick cake

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Dulche de Leche Hazelnut Meringue Chocolate Cake

Beze cake

Moist chocolate cake topped with mountain of beautiful light as air meringue cookies, crunchy hazelnuts and layered with Dulche de Leche. It just as good as it sounds. Every bite is light as air, crunchy and moist at the same time. The delicate shell of meringue cookies gives way to a fluffy tender melt-in-your-mouth center.       Continue reading →

Cranberry Vanilla Cream Cake Recipe


This cake is dense and moist; Layers of sponge cake, cranberry sauce and vanilla cream cheese frosting makes a perfect mix of sweet and tart.  And what I mostly love about it is that it’s simple to make, yet elegant enough to serve as a Christmas dessert. 
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Apple Cake- Яблочный пирог

Apple cake Main

My cousin Julia shared this fabulous apple cake with me. It is unbelievably simple to make; can be pulled together in no time and without an electric mixer. Chunks of apple are blended in a cinnamon vanilla batter. As it bakes, the aroma in the house is irresistible.

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Italian Peach Cookies with Dulche de Leche Filling


 These Italian Peach Cookies or Pastry are very popular among Slavic community here in the US. Peach cookies are baked for special occasions like Weddings, Christmas or New Year.  They do take little more effort but definitely worth it. I am not sure why the cookie called “Peach Cookie”; I am assuming when the cookie gets assembled and dipped in the color it does look like a peach. The fillings vary from family to family. My version of the Dulche de Leche filling with the touch of rum and cocoa powder is insanely delicious!

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Perfect Mini Cakes



I made these mini cakes with my girls and they were delicious. I love spending time with my daughters in the kitchen.  Baking or cooking with kids is such a great way to connect with each another, teach simple skills, build confidence and have fun as a family. Plus it is so much fun & delicious! Both of my daughters love to bake, just like their mama does. Growing up my mom used bake a lot. I loved spending time with my mom while we baked. Now that I have my own family, I continue to look for ways to preserve this baking tradition. 

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